Weddings5 ways to stay on budget for your wedding

5 ways to stay on budget for your wedding

For those of you who are wanting to host an event for your wedding these 5 suggestions can help you stay within your price range. The absolute easiest way to spend the least amount of money is to either elope or get married at a courthouse, which both of these are very good options and honestly you can do some pretty amazing things if you elope (think mountain top photos at sunset), but if you think you would prefer to have your friends and family there to witness such a momentous occasion, below are some tips to help you save.

1. DIY as much as possible


One thing that we learned from planning our own weddings is you can save some money by doing things yourself. For example, create your own wedding invitations by ordering cardstock online, purchasing an invitation template on etsy and printing invitations either yourself or at Fed Ex. If you don’t have much time on your hands this may not be for you as it’s much more labor intensive than purchasing your innovations ready-made. 


2. Limit your guest size


This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you’ve never planned a wedding before you might not know that feeding your guests really racks up the cost of a wedding. Embrace the new micro wedding trend and scale down the guest list. Your wallet will thank you in the long run.


3. Get creative with food and alcohol


If you’re just not able to cut down on your guests, but you’re still wanting to save some cash and stay within your budget you can create two signature cocktails for guests to choose from instead of providing a full open bar. You can also find a venue that allows you to bring in your own caterer (not every venue allows this) and find a newer restaurant or catering business who offer their services at a slightly cheaper price than more established companies.

4. Go in on decorations


One aspect of your wedding where you can save is purchasing decorations with other couples who are also getting married around the same time as you. Obviously you wouldn’t want to have your weddings look identical, however somethings can be shared, like votives for guest tables or easels for signage. Most people would be surprised how much these things can cost to rent and it can make more sense financially to purchase these and split the cost with other engaged couples who could use them as well.


5. Cut back on the less important things


Make a list of what’s most important to you and cut back on the things that aren’t a top priority. If you find you don’t care about having a wedding cake and would rather spend that money elsewhere, provide donuts for your guests instead. If having quality photographs is high on your list of importance, maybe don’t also go with a videographer. Weddings can add up fast, but there are lots of ways to save here and there. Always remember, the most important part of the wedding is you and your significant other.